We carry out projects entrusted by even the most innovative architects, customers who would like to achieve uniqueness.
Everyone is presented with from a few to dozens of individually prepared and done by hand visualizations. We have huge imagination and that is why we can treat each order differently and no idea will repeat itself. Already in this phase of works we take into account all the technological pros and cons, we try to find more and more sophisticated methods of making, assembling and reforging components so that they fit aesthetically with the interior and sometimes even with the customer‘s temper.


Before we start our work, we prepare a project of a forged element for our customer or we can implement a project suggested by our customer or an architect. We understand that uniqueness is very important, that is why we do not limit our customers to designs presented in the catalogue. Our designers are creative people, they know how to create extraordinary products. We prepare individual visualizations for our customers, the number of which depends on the customer’s guidelines.
At this stage we select proper technique in order to produce this element, its material and we also determine how to assemble the elements. We guarantee that the element will match ideally.


Our company does not sell readymade elements – we always make them from start to finish in our workshop. All the constructions and elements are handmade – our blacksmiths and ironworkers concentrate on how to create the elements which fit down to the smallest detail. We focus on dimensions and adjustment so that our wicket-gates, railings or fences were perfectly matched. We take care about both precision of the project, its uniqueness and inimitability.


Shortcuts do not exist, fatigue is rewarding and it leads to perfection…
We do not use ready-made elements. All the details and designs are prepared by us. Our designers, blacksmiths and locksmiths strive for perfection in every order. It is a great fun for us. As in mathematics, here we also have several elements which, when respectively added, give balance and harmony. We want the balusters to be equally divided, the elements to be accurately produced, the gates to be of suitable size, the railings to be stable and the seams to be invisible. We try to make the elements that we mount to seem as if they were created together with the house as its inseparable part, as something that there was, there is and will be.


Our elements are made not only from steel, we also supplement them with additional materials which make them look unique such as sand, stone, wood or glass. We can also finish our elements with gilding, nickel-plating, chrome-plating and patination.
We cooperate with experienced stonemasons, glassworkers, carpenters, upholsterers, casters and goldsmiths. Together we are able to create products that will fulfil customer requirements.


Our products are always protected against corrosion and weather conditions.
The external elements such as railings, fences, portals, gates, or garden elements are hot-dip galvanized and covered with powder coating or sprayed with any colour that is included in RAL or NCS colour palettes. For more complex elements, where every detail is important, the parts are pre-sanded and then spray-painted with two-component paints. There is the same guarantee for this anti-corrosion protection is as with the hot-dip galvanizing.
Internal elements such as railings, furniture, interior finishing elements, due to the lack of the atmospheric factors are powder coated or spray-painted both with the undercoat and the colour according to the RAL or NCS colour palettes. On request, we offer also toning, gold plating, nickel plating or chrome plating of elements.


We give a 3-year written warranty on our products.


The idea of blacksmithing is to stop time in the grip of steel, recreate nature with help of a piece of bar, present bark on the gate or chaos in the arrangement of leaves or grapes. There are no two identical leaves on a tree, patterns of snowflakes reportedly do not repeat as well …
There are no two identical hammer hits and neither are our works. The customer has to be treated in a special way to feel really distinguished – and we strive for it.